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Last Change: 2021-03-14

Welcome to the pan-organisational…

Working Group on Progressive Social Structures.

We are a mixed group of activists. Our objective is to research organisational structures that enable groups of progressive activists to collaborate effectively, enhance inner democracy, maximize quality of collective output and, most of all, maintain civil tones and a positive attitude throughout. Participants must not become enemies merely for having different perspectives when looking at problems.

Having no structure is no option. So, like it or not, we have to come up with the least annoying one that works.

To this aim we study organising principles (statutes, bylaws, rules of procedure etc) of various successful and unsuccessful projects. We examine case studies of social corruptions and failures and how they could have been avoided. We examine the potential of enhancing inner democracy by a combination of electronic tools and accompanying social rulesets.

And above all, we try to gather the knowledge and wisdom on social structures that humanity has collected over centuries in order to stop repeating the same mistakes over and over.

The outcome of our work shall be a choice of viable legal and technological recommendations that any progressive organisation can refer to. Our formulas shall be accompanied by rational explanations and illustrating case studies.

If you're starting a new social structure, be it a household, a squat, an NGO, an association, a political party or movement — please consider our points. Even corporations should consider employing our principles to empower shareholders into having a say in matters of business and ethics.

This working group has physical meetings in Berlin, it is however possible to participate remotely. If you are interested, please contact the person that indicated this website to you, or visit our Mattermost (generously offered by a supporter of DiEM25).